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Immigration Minister John Mc Callum is heading to Brussels next week for talks aimed at ratifying Canada's free trade agreement with the European Union within months.

A long-standing visa dispute with Romania and Bulgaria threatens to scuttle consensus on the deal among the EU's 28 member countries.

In April, Canada and the United States were given an additional three months to comply with the EU's policy of visa reciprocity: countries whose citizens don't need EU visas must, in return, allow visa-free travel for all EU nationals.

Canada currently requires visas for nationals from Romania and Bulgaria, while the U. requires visas for citizens from five EU member states.

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Other 30 Bucovina families took their example and followed them and they gave the settlement the name of their home village.

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, many Romanians from the former Austro-Hungarian Empire (Transylvania, Bukovina, Banat, Crişana and Maramureş) migrated to the Prairie provinces of Canada to work as farmers.

If the proposed changes move ahead, as of December 1, 2017, temporary workers and international students would be included in the TRV exemption.

Currently, despite the May 1 changes, international students and temporary workers who hold a Romanian, Bulgarian, or Brazilian passport are still required to obtain a TRV in order to enter Canada.

The lifting of the visa requirement on citizens of Romania and Bulgaria is timely, as these two countries were the only countries in the European Union (EU) whose citizens were still required to obtain a TRV.

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